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First Aid Training and Certification

First Aid Training and Certification

First Aid Training and Certification

Valid for 2 years. Receive your certification card the same day as your class.

Each of us does everything possible to prevent accidents but despite this, accidents do occur. There may be times in your life that you are called upon to act quickly and perform first aid on a victim, whether it's a minor or very serious injury. When an accident happens, time is not on your side. Besides a well-stocked and functional First Aid kit, the skills you will learn in this course are the most important tools that you can have. This section of our course will introduce you to a number of common emergency situations and their respective First Aid responses. A quiz at the end of the section can be used to gauge how well you've retained what you read. You will be able to go back and review any portion of the material that you would like in order to maintain the material as best as possible. The course will cover the following material.

We’ll cover the following first aid emergencies:

Choking (Heimlich Maneuver)


Shortness of Breath


Allergic Reactions






And much more!

Group discounts are available. 

Private in home / on site training sessions are available. 

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